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8:15 & Ephesus
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Camp Contact will return to the Playa in 2014!
Camping Details: 

We are accepting registrations and encourage you to fill out the registration form if you are interested in joining us, but note that registering and paying for camp does not guarantee you a spot in camp. We will let you know if there is a spot for you in camp and if not, we will refund all of your money.  Also, note that if you are accepted into camp and you're unable to attend, you can request a full refund (less $25 processing fee) up until July 31st.  1/2 of your dues are refundable up until August 15th if you need to cancel.  After that time, any refunds are on a case by case basis.

So… you want to live at Camp CONTACT for Burning Man? Fabulous!

The link to register for camp is at the top of this page---here are some important details to read...

a few notes....registering is just for living at contact camp… everyone is quite welcome to come by and participate in classes, jams, and events… it is our mission at Camp CONTACT to make an inviting atmosphere for everyone to experience contact improvisation and related arts.

Check out the FAQs page for more details. If you still would like to live with us, then read on …

We ask the following of everyone who is signing up to live at Camp Contact:

  1. That you have some experience with contact improvisation, or other acrobatic/dance/somatic/yoga/bodywork/authentic relating/tantra/galactic modality, whether in school, professional dance, the community/jam scene, or the space of workshops. If you are coming with a partner or close friend who isn't involved in one of these fields, we may overlook this request for them.  If you are simply looking for a friendly place to camp, we would be happy to point you in other directions, as there are a number of friendly camps that are less specifically focused.

  2. That you show up at camp by Monday, August 26th at 6:30pm for the opening circle, particularly if this is your first year on Playa.  Please plan on potentially arriving as early as Friday, August 23rd to participate in our pre-event community building weekend on playa, contingent on availability of Early Arrival Passes.

  3. That sign up to join a Camp Team and participate in the specific tasks for this team throughout the week.  Camp Teams will be responsible throughout the week for the crucial aspects of the camp and will work together to focus on their parts of the camp and make it all most awesome. 

  4. That you sign up for three mealshifts on Playa during the time that you're on playa … (three shifts of roughly an hour an a half of cleaning, cooking, etc), plus one workshift of helping at the greeters station, helping at the steambath, or offering bodywork/healing within our havenheart dome.

  5. That you put in a financial contribution.  Some scholarships based on need are available, particularly if you are able to help with camp setup, Sunday night, August 17th -Friday, August 22nd, and/or stay for camp strike, Monday September 1st - Wednesday September 3rd.  All are welcome, and encouraged to stay later (and arrive earlier for setup, contingent on Early Arrival Pass availabilty)

  6. That you commit to helping with camp setup either as a part of our pre-event team, or once you get settled in. No matter when you arrive, there is likely to be some camp project that needs help with organizing or constructing.  We'll have the bulk of the camp setup pre-event, but there are bound to be projects such as kitchen organizing, lighting, bike racks, bodywork area, shower that need to be completed on Tuesday or Wednesday of the event.  There will be a Dry-Erase board with the current camp setup/help needs posted in the Kitchen area, so if no one is around to direct you, please check this list and help as you can--we value self starters.  And, if you see something that needs to be done, please help and organize as needed to get it done.  Camp Contact, like most of Burning Man, is a Do-Ocracy.   If you're interested in joining us pre-event to help set up, please indicate this as much on your camp registration.

  7. That you commit to show up for camp break down on Sunday afternoon starting at 3pm.  We'll be breaking down parts of the camp, and loading up our trailer.  Also, a part of being at Burning Man is that you spend an hour before you leave performing a Moop Sweep.  In 2012 we recieved a full green rating for our area and endeavor to stay green for 2013!  If you are leaving before 3pm on Sunday and can't help with this effort, we have some alternative projects we'll ask for help with during the week.

  8. That you make arrangements to take at least one and preferably two bags of community generated Trash or Recycling off of playa with you. We are aware that if you're taking a bus away from burning man that they don't let you take trash bags on the bus, so if you're able to bring a trashable suitcase or other covert bag that'd be a nice trick, but no worries if not.
















































































If you can’t quite manage all of this for some reason but are still super-keen to camp with us, write us at,  and have a chat. Sometimes, we can have a little flexability, particularly for people who are coming longer distances and have travel restrictions.  Camp Contact is an ideal camp for those travelling from afar, and we aim to bring a great community together who share our values of offering classes and workshops to the citizens of Black Rock City.

Also, while we really do want most of the camp here by Monday, if you are not able to come until later in the week, this can be really helpful. We ask that you get in touch with Chef & Kitchen team leads to find out what greens and other fresh groceries or infrastructure we might need for you to bring in (expenses reimbursable).


We have been on Playa since 2005 and have developed a lot of institutional knowledge about how to make a theme camp work, and about how to make living in Black Rock City a rewarding experience. We've also acquired a lot of infrastructure to make surviving in the desert for a week comfortable and fun. As a part of living in our camp and offering the gifts of Contact Improv and other programming to the community, we offer back a space that has many amenities and a supportive community of contact improvisers, acro-yogis, tantricas, ecstatic dancers, authentic relaters, and others in the Camp Contact community.

The first step is to register above.  You can also email us at expressing interest.  Add into that anything about if you might be able to take on some work tasks leading up to the burn, if you have any infrastructure you have to offer, and anything you would like to add about how you would like to participate in contact camp (including if you would like to teach).


The second step is to send in your financial energetics offering. Your contribution goes to to cover expenses…dance structures, living structures, kitchen, drinking Water, food for breakfast, lunch, & dinner, showers & shower water, schwag, insurance, Village dues which cover electricity, gray water disposal, & art, fees for storage of the camp infrastructure the year round, transport of stuff, first aid supplies, decorations, lights, web site hosting and other miscellaneous expenses. Your contribution goes both to providing resources for you as a camper to luxuriate in the desert, as well as to provide resources for offering gifts to the rest of the playa. Our camp ethos is to make it easy to live in the desert so that we have more than our basic human needs met such that we can offer gifts of healing, workshops, play, dance, energy to our fellow camp and village mates and the entire playa.

Since it makes life easier when we get earlier commitments, the minimum contribution increases over time. Please take care of getting payment sent as soon as possible (within two days) after registration. 

Your financial energetic offering cover foods and all of the rest of the things offered by camp contact.  If you're interested in camping with our camp but not the meal plan, you can deduct $75 from your registration fees.  If you want to make other arrangements, please be in touch and we'll see what we can accomodate.  The camp fees listed is a minimum amount: if you can put in more, you are highly encouraged to do so.  We funnel it into various forms of improved infrastructure and supporting others who need financial assistance to attend. If finances are hard for you please contact us to see if scholarship discounts are available.  We will take 120 or so in the camp, which number we will reevaluate as we get closer.  Like last year, the aim this year is for a more community centered camp. Campers from previous years are especially welcome, as are their friends, and we are open to newcomers.

If you are inclined to use Facebook, please join our Facebook Group.  Once you're registered, we have a ride board for registered campers with a place to indicate how you’re getting to and from the Playa.

IMPORTANT:  there are two parts to the on-line registration:
    (1) registering for the camp contact site (if you're new to this site),
    (2) is to register for the burning man camp event itself above.
Darrell Duane
202 670 8728
Camp CONTACT Instigator




































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