We come together to share a meal for breakfast and dinner each day. You can opt from the meal plan and reduce your dues by $20.00. All meals have a vegan component, a vegetarian component and we typically have some carnivorous choice. We request that everyone who is part of the meal plan contributes to a meal shifts which are lead chef, food purchaser, meal prep and clean-up.  During the middle of they day we are usually playing, connecting and enjoying our bliss, so lunch is on you. We encourage  you to bring snacks, beverages, alcoholic beverages and water. Hydration is key!  

If you are purchasing food, you will be reimbursed for it, up to the budgeted amount.  Typically we allocate $5 per person per meal for Dinners, and $4 per person per meal for breakfasts.  You can see roughly how many people are eating on the meal signup page as the time nears and we have a fully registered camp with people indicating when they're arriving.