Tribal Tantra - The One True Love with Eugene Hedlund by Cubana

Tribal Tantra - The One True Love with Eugene Hedlund
Embody the brilliance of your soul and expand your capacity for intimacy and co-creativity with self, other, and world. Sacred Dance, Ceremony and Ritual where we discover our innate capacity to heal and be healed by tapping into the magic which is already there. Come discover how to open new pathways to Self-Love by seeing and being seen in this moving an transformational ritual dance. What is Tribal Tantra? Tribal Tantra is a convergence of the above and below, in the moving heart center. As a practice, we integrate the tantric and shamanic wisdom and teachings with a movement basis, wherein we fully and sensationally experience and feel these energetics embodied. Tribal refers to the shamanic, elemental, primal, instinctive and physical plane and Tantra a reference to the spirit, divine, intuitive, ethereal, both held in our heart center and moved, danced and grounded in our bodies.
Wed, 2014-08-27 11:00 to 13:00
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