What is the best way to pay my dues?

  • Send in payment via Bitcoin, contact us for a specific Bitcoin address and rate.
  • Send via Paypal as a Personal Gift to info@campcontact.org. If using a credit card, please cover fees so that the full amound is received.
  • Send a check–make the check out to:  Camp Contact and mail to Darrell Duane at:  3110 13th St NW, Washington, DC  20010-2408 USA.
  • Send in payment via Dwolla, sent to ID #: 812-618-0121 (info@campcontact.org)
  • Send in payment via Venmo, or PopMoney to d@duane.com
  • give cash in person to Darrell Duane if you are in the Washington, DC area.
  • send via Amazon Payments to books@duane.com (less preferred but accepted, please include 3% additional to cover fees in payment, and send as a personal gift).